DMCA Policy – BaKaRadio

Digital Millenium Copyright Act Policy (DMCA)

Don’t hesitate to contact us when a file is infringing upon your rights, showing us to bakaradionet [AT] the copyright of the music, and we will delete it in 48 hours; remember to include the necessary information to fill a DMCA request:

1. Copyright holder’s name(name), contact information and official e-mail address.
2. The link to the infringing work or audio.
3. The initial proof of infringement materials.
4. The right to declare the authenticity of the notice of people.
5. Please sign the document, if you are legally established organizations, please affix theofficial seal.

We DO NOT host any images or files; those are hosted in other sites which don’t belongto us.
All audio is only for promotional purposes.
If you like a song please buy the CD & DVD and support the artist.

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